8 October 2009                                                                                           Jo' Buddy
Ram-Bam Records Celebrate in 2010
Finnish record company Ram-Bam Records have announced a celebratory
year for 2010. The year marks a decade in recording business for the label.
Company boss Jussi "Jo' Buddy" Raulamo has been at the forefront all along.

Ram-Bam has released two albums by Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III, in
addition to which CD's by
Groovy Eyes and Tiny Tones - Jo' Buddy plays a role in
those as well - have been put out.

Jo' Buddy & Down Home King III's third album will be the actual celebratory
release. It is going to be out on 3 March 2010. "All the songs are new and
self-written", says Raulamo. "With me and Down Home King III (percussionist
Tyko Haapala), a couple of Finnish and American instrumental virtuosos will be
heard on the songs."

Musical genres have never restricted Jo' Buddy's music. "I know absolutely
nothing about borders between different genres. I play fully on instinct. On the
other hand, it can be said that things have been done differently since our latest

The duo's second album "Grits & Rattles" (2006) attracted world-wide attention;
it even spent several months on the Real Blues Top 100 chart. "It was a success
among radio stations, critics, music fans and musicians only. It was the
worst-selling Ram-Bam release to date. Bankruptcy was near", Raulamo reveals
to BluesWebzine.com.

After all, Ram-Bam Records have risen from depths to celebrate a deserved
milestone in music business. The previous celebratory year was 2008, which
marked Jo' Buddy's 25-year career as a performing artist.

Ram-Bam Records, Jo' Buddy

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