29 July 2009                           Vocalist Alar Kriisa, guitarist Andres Roots of Bullfrog Brown
Bullfrog Brown to Headline Blues Night at UK's
Only Dylan Fest
Bullfrog Brown from Tartu, Estonia have been announced as Blues Night
headliners at Manchester's 3-day Bob Dylan Acousticfest, the only Dylan
festival in the UK. The festival runs August 28 to 30 at the M19 Bar in
Levenshulme, with the Estonian trio taking the stage on Saturday, August 29.

The night before, Bullfrog Brown are scheduled to play a Tower Blues concert at
the Lawrence House Studio of Blackpool's Grand Theatre. Both gigs are part of
the band's 6-week "Moon and Central" tour, encompassing 13 shows in 3

In addition to topping the bill in Manchester and at the Pärnu Blues Festival in
Estonia, tour highlights include appearances at Püssi Punk, Viru Folk, and
Augustibluus music festivals in Estonia and at the Floating Cockroach alt.blues
Festival in Finland.

“Lyrically, in structure, it has the complexity of Dylan. Musically, Estonia meets The
Delta face on,” wrote Carol Borrington in Blues Matters! of "Bullfrog Brown with
Steve Lury", the band's previous CD that made the French Power Blues chart in
June; featuring Alar Kriisa on vocals and harmonica, Andres Roots on guitar, and
Peeter Piik on bass, new album "Moon and Central" is due August 3rd. Of the ten
tracks on the CD, British harpist
Steve Lury again appears on one while Finland's
L.R. Phoenix and Denmark's Nikolaj Andersen each provide backup on two.

Among the new songs is also the 2009 remake of "Whiskers" with rock drummer
Peeter Jõgioja on percussion that was recorded in March 2009 for the band's
surprise guest appearance on the Estonian Eurovision Finals TV show and
witnessed by a reported 225 000.

Five tracks off the new CD are currently available for streaming on the band's
MySpace . Bullfrog Brown's Blackpool and Manchester dates are supported by the
Estonian Embassy in London; in late September, the band will be returning to
South of England as a quartet to promote "Bullfrog Brown with Steve Lury".

Links: Bullfrog Brown
website and MySpace

Moon and Central Tour Dates:

Aug. 1st - Püssi Punk Festival, Püssi, Estonia
Aug. 6th - Pärnu Blues Festival, Pärnu, Estonia
Aug. 8th - Viru Folk Festival, Käsmu, Estonia
Aug. 14th - Augustibluus Festival, Haapsalu, Estonia
Aug. 20th - Teerenpeli, Lahti, Finland
Aug. 21st - Art Café Serendipity, Karjaa, Finland
Aug. 22nd - Bob's Bar, Helsinki, Finland
Aug. 28th - Tower Blues Club, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Aug. 29th - Bob Dylan Acousticfest, Manchester, United Kingdom
Sept. 4th - Macondo, Helsinki, Finland
Sept. 5th - Graceland, Turku, Finland
Sept. 11th - Floating Cockroach Festival, Joensuu, Finland
Sept. 12th - DNA Jazz Club, Kuopio, Finland

"Moon and Central" tracklist:

1) Hurtin' Street (w/ L.R. Phoenix)
2) Leave You Sleepin'
3) Road (w/ L.R. Phoenix & Nikolaj Andersen)
4) Shadows (w/ Nikolaj Andersen)
5) Scent Of A Woman
6) Paint Your Shadow On The Wall
7) Whiskers (w/ Peeter Jõgioja)
8) Two Left Feet
9) Years Past Midnight
10) Blues For Breakfast (live, w/ Steve Lury)

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