16 February 2010                                                      Soulful emotion: Cee Cee James
Three-album Batch from Blue Skunk
The Huntley, Illinois -based label Blue Skunk Music releases three new
albums today. Blues lovers get to enjoy the new CD's by Cee Cee James
("Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl"), Solomon King ("Under the Sun")
and Mr Keith Little ("Take It Off and Get Loose with It").

Cee Cee James has a voice made for the blues – deep, raspy and full of soulful
emotion. Often compared to
Janis Joplin, her voice and feeling for the blues have
brought her scores of fans through her intense live performances, and is now
captured on CD for the first time.

Featuring 11 original tracks, "Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl" brings
together a tight, well-rehearsed band with a strong, solid voice that is sure to
blow you away.

Solomon King’s musical style travels across time and space from the mellow,
acoustic world of Modern Classic Blues to the electrifying universe of Urban Blues.

Solomon King heats up the Blues flame with his soul stirring hometown Motown
rhythms and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics. Welcome to the New American Blues: "Under
the Sun" is a strong, powerful album from a sleeping giant.

The latest album by soul-blues titan Keith Little showcases some of his best work
to date in a range of styles, including Blues, Soul, R&B and Funk. The new album
features 12 original songs based on Keith’s life experiences from the past,
present, and a likely future with themes that include comedy, fantasy, and Keith’s
own take on personal situations.

"The Cincinnati Blues Man" is also well known in his home region as founder, host
and producer of the TV show "Mr Little's Hangout" on WBQC.

In addition to publishing, Blue Skunk Music offers services in distribution,
management and booking.

Blue Skunk Music

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