4 August 2015
Listen Up – It's the Chris
Corcoran Trio!
The Chris Corcoran Trio remain consistently
fabulous on their second album "Listen
Up!", an offering of 11 Corcoran-penned
instrumentals as stylish as their album
covers. Rare is the track that won't offer a
surprise as soon you think you've got it all
figured out and labelled, yet it all plays
together as a unified album by a band who
know exactly what they're doing.

The numbers range from the rocking "Kingly Street" to the boogie-woogie of
"Swingo" and the bluesy closer "Back at the Shack", while the
Link Wray
connection is renewed on tracks such as "526" and "Inside Out". And then
there's the "other stuff" – the acoustic, mellow "Mambo Cubita" with its gentle
percussion, the johnscofieldian funk of "Brown Sauce", the Jeeves-and-Wooster
swing of "Curveball"... Oh yes – in case you missed it, it's a British band!

Chris Corcoran leads the proceedings on his occasionally multilayered guitar, with
expert backing from and ample solo space for
Dave Lagnado on the double bass
Peter Greatorex on the drums. Where the trio's debut "The Getaway"
highlighted their jazz influences with covers from the likes of
Kenny Burrell and
Paul Chambers, "Listen up!" presents an all-original group, unified in sound and
purpose – perhaps a bit more rock'n'roll-inclined than the last time around, but
with their impeccable jazz chops still very much in evidence.

But don't let this talk of jazz and instrumentals scare you: Mr. Corcoran is a man
of style and focus, and nowhere is the tune and groove sacrificed for a mere
display of instrumental prowess. There's no pointless noodling, all arrangements
serve the song, and only two of the 11 tracks extend beyond the 4-minute mark
– and only barely.

All in all, another fine effort from the best instrumental trio in the roots music
world. Recommended – and would someone please make sure they tour this way


The Chris Corcoran Trio: Listen Up! Shack Records, 2015

Chris Corcoran (guitar), Dave Lagnado (double bass), Peter Greatorex (drums)

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